Bankruptcy/Section 128 Debt Amortization

Our firm handles cases involving financial distress. In today’s economy many people are having financial trouble. People are:

  • falling behind on their bills,
  • being harassed by calls from creditors,
  • facing garnishments and debt collections of their hard earned paychecks,
  • being threatened with utility shut offs,
  • facing suspension of their driver’s license after being involved in an automobile accident because they could not afford auto insurance,
  • suffered the loss of employment or decrease in income, and
  • sustained major medical bills due to a lack of or adequate health insurance.

Our compassionate experienced staff can assist you with your financial troubles.  We help people find debt relief.

One option is what is known as a “Chapter 128.” Under an innovative Wisconsin Law, interest charges, late fees, and over limit fees on your debts are frozen, and a debt repayment plan is set up to allow you to pay your debts and avoid lawsuits, wage garnishments, and utility shut offs without filing a bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is another option, Contrary to what you have heard, bankruptcy is still available. Bankruptcy helps many of our clients get the second chance they need, a fresh start financially.

We may also be able to help stop foreclosure proceedings from taking your home or real estate. You have options.

Our firm’s experienced attorneys can help you find true debt relief.  We are local attorneys who take pride in helping others.